The sewage tank in the backyard often goes unnoticed by the property owners. For many years, the wastewater from a residential or commercial property goes inside it. Used water from toilets, kitchens and gardens generally goes into the septic tank. With time, the sewage tank becomes filled with different kinds of waste. When the saturation limit gets over, the water comes back in the form of sewage back up. That’s why it is crucial to book sewage cleanup services Melbourne. The professionals use advanced methods and machines to remove the waste from the septic tank.  

How Often Should You Book Sewage Tank Cleaning Services?  

In homes and commercial places, there is a complex sewage disposal and water removal system. Drains in various parts of the house or commercial building carry dirty water and throw it in the septic tanks.  

From the bathrooms, the drains carry pet hairs, human hairs, dead skin, soapy water, paper products, etc. On the other hand, faecal matter is carried by the toilet pipes. Food particles, oil particles and various other things flow along with the water carried by kitchen drains. The situation could go out of control when the renovation work is done. Cement, paints, pebbles and many other things could make their way through drains.  

Frequency of booking the sewage tank cleaning Melbourne service would depend on various factors. Usually, people hire cleaners after every 2-3 years. But, the frequency could be decreased or increased based on factors like the quantity of waste water, people living on the property, tank size, etc.  

If you want the septic tank to do its work properly, then get the inspection done by experts at least once a year. In this way, you would be able to keep the tank in a good position for a long time.  

Why Do You Need Sewage Cleanup Service?  

By neglecting thorough cleaning of the sewer tank, you could invite various problems. You would be shocked to know about the ill effects associated with a dirty sewage tank. Have a look at how professional service could be beneficial for you:  

  • Cleaning Prevents Water Pooling  

The path of the water gets disrupts when the debris is stuck in the pipes and sewage tank. You would notice that water is unable to move into the drains. By cleaning the septic tank, you could get rid of this problem.  

  • Prevention of Health Risks 

Many diseases spread because of bacteria and toxins that grow inside a septic tank. Typhoid and cholera are a few diseases that could spread due to contaminated water. By regularly cleaning the sewage pipes, you could keep the health risks away.  

  • Cleaning Removed Smells  

When the waste gets deposited in the base of the tank, the germs tend to grow rapidly. Even poisonous gases are released due to decomposition process. To remove the odours, you need to get the cleaning done by professionals.  

How Experts Clean Sewage Tanks?  

When you book professional sewage cleanup services Melbourne, a team of experts reach your property. They generally follow these steps to clean the tank:  

  • Assessment of Tank  

The tank is checked by the cleaners. They identify the severity of damage and quantity of waste present in the tank.  

  • Removal of Debris  

The solid waste from the sewer tank is pulled out with help of a sludge pump. Professionals use modern machines to remove waste to avoid infections.  

  • Deep Cleaning  

Various products are used to clean the tank. Different problems such as stains, mould infestation and bacterial growth are addressed by the cleaners. To rinse off the area, the cleaners use hydro-jetting machines.  

  • Disinfection  

Liquid bleach is used by professionals to destroy the germs. The experts also use UV radiation to control the growth of microbes.  

  • Drying 

Lastly, the water is drained out and the tank is dried completely after cleaning.  


Sewage tank cleaning Melbourne is an important service that every property owner should book after a few years. Hiring experienced cleaners could keep health problems away from everyone. Moreover, the disposal of water and waste would also become a smooth process. Regular cleaning also allows the cleaners to detect minor damage and budding issues. Isn’t it amazing? Whenever you discover signs of dirty septic tank, don’t hesitate in booking professional service.